One A-Chord Academy

Music Lessons and Instruction School

One A-Chord offers top notch instruction in the Fine Arts. From beginners to advanced students. We offer group and private classes for students of all ages. Come enjoy some of our very own coffee in our coffee shop, and pick up all your music and art supplies.

One-A-Chord offers a variety of music lessons to all ages. Stanwood and Camano, WA residents can let their inner musicians thrive with individual and group classes, or jam with your band and mentor! Guests are welcome to relax in the Café anytime. Instrument pieces also available to public. We look forward to meeting you!


One A-Chord Academy is a place where youth of all socioeconomic backgrounds can discover and develop their natural talents in music and the creative arts. Students learn from professional musicians and artists who provide not only top-notch class instruction, but also mentorship. With the support of their instructors, students develop life skills like determination, commitment, and endurance as they pursue their passions.


While a one-on-one instruction is valuable, you may consider a group class. Students can work together to achieve their goals by collaborating for OAC concerts. Find your own group or have one put together for you for a,“Garage Band” class. Class sizes are kept small, enabling students to receive one-on-one instructor attention without the cost of private lessons.


One A-Chord encourages new students to take multiple entry-level classes. Our scheduling enables kids to try out more than one instrument or other artistic pursuit. By exploring multiple classes, students develop a fuller appreciation for all the arts and have the opportunity to see what really inspires them. We also provide instruction for more experienced students, helping them to master their chosen art.


Come visit our new Stanwood, WA location for a nice place to gather for coffee at our Café. Offering our own signature blends, a relaxing environment and a friendly staff, we welcome everyone!

We also sell a variety of instrument pieces, music books, and art supplies.


“Katie and Scott Shrock, Jr. are exceptionally charismatic and friendly individuals. They work hard on their music business, raising their three children and still find time to volunteer for our community. In teaming to create the Stanwood & Camano Merchant’s Committee with them, I have had the privilege to get to know them very well. I have been taking guitar lessons from Scott since selling them their house and he is a great teacher! I am thrilled to be their first Stanwood student. ” K. Kipper.

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26930 94th Ave NW,
Stanwood, WA 98292
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Music Classes: Mon - Fri: 1:00pm - 9:00pm Sat - Sun: CLOSED Cafe Hours: Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 1:00pm Sat - Sun: CLOSED