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Solar Energy for your Home, Farm or Business

Go Solar in 2017

  • Solar is non-polluting. And, when panels are made in Washington, delivery from manufacturer to your home causes minimal transportation-related air pollution.
  • Solar is long-lasting. Panels and micro-inverters are warrantied for 25 years. At 25 years, the system will produce 80% of the power as when installed. No moving parts to break.
  • Solar creates local jobs and local economic benefit. In WA, there are over 2000 solar jobs with installers, electrical suppliers, researchers, utilities, nonprofits, government agencies and so on. Nationwide solar employees number 374,000 and solar is growing 20x faster than the rest of the economy.
  • Sunshine is abundant, reliable and powerful.
  • More sunshine falls on earth in one hour than the world uses in one year.

Residential Size Solar Systems: You benefit from several savings that make solar a good investment:

  1. Federal Income Tax Credit of 30% of purchase price.
  2. Annual Cost Recovery payment for 8 years or until you earn back 50% of your cost. Based on kilowatt hours your solar system produces, up to $5000/year.
  3. Net Metering, ie Electric Bill Savings for the long-term future.

Commercial Size Solar Systems: If your business owns your facility, then there are even more tax benefits and possible grant opportunities with USDA.

Call JOAN to find out how these incentives add up for YOU.

Fire Mountain Solar is an active participant of: Solar WA (educational nonprofit) and Solar Installers of Washington (professional association). Owners Tim and Alana Nelson live near Big Lake and run this family business from their solar powered office and shop adjacent to their home.

See examples of Fire Mountain Solar’s work at:

  • Camano Island Coffee Roasters, Camano Island
  • Orchards Nursery, Stanwood
  • Rents Due Ranch, Stanwood
  • Skagit Valley Food Co-op C-Square, Mount Vernon
  • Camano Center, Camano Island
  • Monroe Business Services, Monroe

In spring 2016, 146 entrepreneurs from 38 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands graduated in May from the Babson Cohort of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, among them Alana Nelson of Fire Mountain Solar LLC of Mount Vernon. This national program helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, create jobs and economic opportunity by providing access to education, capital, and business support services. The spring 2017 class represents small businesses with $174M in annual revenues and over 3,000 jobs.

Alana Nelson, Business and Administrative Manager at Fire Mountain Solar LLC (FMS) graduated in spring 2017. Over 11 weeks Nelson received intensive entrepreneurship training and practical business education delivered from Babson’s business experts and her peers.

“The ability to work on a detailed growth plan for my business and to tap back into the entrepreneurial energy that started FMS was a tremendous opportunity.” said Nelson. “The excitement and focus that has come from completing this program is spurring new growth for our company. Working with other smart, driven business owners from all over the U.S. was inspiring and gave me new insight into how Fire Mountain Solar can provide service offerings that are unique in the market – a rare thing in our industry,” explains Nelson. “We have an exceptionally focused and driven team right now, and they are doing amazing work continuing to serve our clients while also working hard to evolve our business.”

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