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Solar Energy for your Home, Farm or Business

Why YOU Should Go Solar in 2018

  • Solar is a good investment. It reduces your electric bill now, and you avoid future increases in electricity costs.
  • Solar is attractive to home buyers increasing a home’s appeal.
  • Solar is non-polluting.
  • Solar creates local jobs and local economic benefits. Over 3,000 solar related jobs in WA, and growing.
  • Also ask about Emergency Power Systems that provide backup power with or without solar.

Solar for Homes: You benefit directly from in several ways:

  1. Federal Income Tax Credit of 30% of purchase price.
  2. Annual Cost Recovery payment for 8 years or until you earn back 50% of your cost. Based on kilowatt hours your solar system produces, up to $5000/year.
  3. Net Metering, ie Electric Bill Savings for the long-term future.

Solar for Businesses: Possible grant opportunities with USDA (Fire Mountain Solar will help your farm or business apply). Additional federal tax savings with MACRS accelerated depreciation.

Call Matthew to find out how these incentives add up for YOU.

Fire Mountain Solar is an active participant of: Solar WA (educational nonprofit) and Solar Installers of Washington (professional association). Owners Tim and Alana Nelson live near Big Lake and run this family business from their solar powered office and shop adjacent to their home.

See examples of Fire Mountain Solar’s work at:

  • Camano Island Coffee Roasters, Camano Island
  • Orchards Nursery, Stanwood
  • Rents Due Ranch, Stanwood
  • Skagit Valley Food Co-op C-Square, Mount Vernon
  • Camano Center, Camano Island
  • Monroe Business Services, Monroe

Welcome Matthew Crawford!

August 2017: Fire Mountain Solar LLC (FMS) is pleased to welcome Matthew Crawford to its team as Power System Sales Adviser. In this position Matthew will represent FMS as a consultative sales professional, ensuring a high integrity process that fully informs potential clients regarding their best solar and energy storage options. He will also demonstrate to potential clients the many ways Fire Mountain Solar delivers the best overall value of any solar contractor in Washington, during client meetings, when presenting workshops, and when attending local networking functions.

Solar is a relatively new field for Matthew who worked previously as a financial advisor. His experience gaining the confidence of clients and building the strong level trust required to guide them in important financial decisions is one of the many reasons he is an excellent fit for the FMS culture, which prioritizes honesty, ethical behavior, and relationship.

Matthew remarks, “I truly believe that solar electricity, with an emphasis on energy storage backup power systems, are the solutions to our current and future power needs. I joined Fire Mountain Solar not only because they are experts in both of these fields, but also because they put customers first 100% of the time.”

More About Matthew and the rest of the FMS team

About Fire Mountain Solar LLC

Since 2001, Skagit County based Fire Mountain Solar LLC (FMS) has been committed to providing the most effective power system solutions to residential and commercial clients in WA State and far beyond. We offer full service solar electric and emergency power solutions for clients throughout Washington, and also consulting, design, technical support and products to do it yourself clients around the US, across Canada, and many other locations around the world. Our commitments to quality and excellence in customer service are just two of the reasons why Fire Mountain Solar is a known leader in the Washington solar industry today.

At Fire Mountain Solar, we:

* Believe in always doing the right thing just because it’s right.
* Commit to doing everything we do in a thorough and responsible way.
* Know it is a privilege and honor to be selected to assist our clients in fulfilling their specific power system goals.
* Feel that serving and caring for our clients and our community is our real calling; providing power system solutions is just one of our opportunities to do that.
* Regard authentic trust, mutual respect, and genuine cooperation as fundamental to the personal and professional success of all our team members and to the company.
* Aspire to maintain a healthy work/personal life balance.
* Know that having fun while getting lots of work done helps us do a better job.

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