Camaloch Golf Course

Golf Course

Do you like putting on Smooth, Consistent & Quick Greens year round?  If the answer is YES, then you’ve come to the right golf course.

Welcome to Camaloch Golf Course we are an 18 Hole Course with fantastic rates and well manicured greens. We are located in the Sunbelt of Camano Island.

Whether considering a place to golf for the day, or to live full time, it should be noted that Camaloch is located well within the Puget Sound “Sun Belt” on Camano Island, and receives about 1/2 the annual rainfall of the greater Puget Sound area. And how about those days when it’s too hot on the mainland?  Camaloch enjoys a pleasant marine breeze from Puget Sound that keeps us as much as 10 degrees cooler on those hotest of days. And remember, only 15 minutes from I-5 and you don’t need to take a ferry to get here.

“COME PLAY”, we now offer a par 3 course that allows you to play all 18 holes without having to walk on the fairways in the rainy season.  Our greens are some of the best in the Northwest.  The greens are frequently mowed and rolled and putt as well as any greens in the Northwest.

Don’t like playing when it’s TOO HOT?
During the hot summer months when the temperature gets too hot on the mainland (80’s, 90’s & up), Camaloch stays much cooler with the marine air movement in and around Camano Island.  So don’t automatically rule out playing when the temperature sore, instead consider playing at Camaloch!

Thinking of hosting a golf tournament? Why not consider Camaloch for your next event? From a small family gatherings to full field corporate outings, Camaloch wants to host your event/tournament. Fundraiser events find Camaloch ideally suited to host their tournaments as it’s centrally located between Seattle and Bellingham, and is only 15 minutes from I-5. The course has a friendly layout, is easy to walk, yet challenging to play with 5 ponds, 40+ bunkers, and undulating greens that are well known for being the best, smoothest & consistant putting surfaces around.

As with most tournaments, most all of the details (food & beverage, prizes, rental carts, etc.) can be arranged well in advance, but no one can guarantee nice weather for your event. Located well within the Puget Sound “Sun Belt” and receiving about 1/2 the annual rainfall of other nearby courses, your odds for nicer weather go up significantly when playing Camaloch!  And how about those summer days when it’s actually too hot?  Located on Camano Island, Camaloch enjoys a nice marine breeze off the Puget Sound, keeping us 10 or more degrees cooler, so when it’s in the upper 80’s and 90’s on the mainland, consider Camaloch as a viable option for a cooler round.  (And remember, we’re only 15 minutes from I – 5)


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Camano Island 98282 WA US
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